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This forum is for announcements and discussion for Wulverheim, a Neverwinter Nights 2 module.
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Wulverheim Forum Rules

This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    Wulverheim Forum Index -> Forum Rules
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:48 pm    Post subject: Wulverheim Forum Rules  Reply with quote

Flaming, Harassment, Bashing, Enticing, Threats and Trolling
Calling people names, swearing at people, following people around on various threads to purposefully bother or harass them, sending them Private Messages when they tell you not to, threatening people or just directly provoking or enticing people just for the purpose of getting a negative reaction is not allowed on our forums. Any word used in a derogatory fashion against somebody constitutes a personal attack and will be treated that way. This applies to all posters and all areas of our forums. We expect posters here to respect each other, even if they disagree and dislike each other, so please keep personal disputes off our forums.

Profanity, Prejudice and Slang
Profanity, racist/prejudicial comments and extreme slang are not allowed on the Forums.  Words like the F word, S word, A-hole, G-Damn, etc need to be avoided at all times and it really isn’t necessary to use such profanity/vulgarity to get your point across anyway.  So please let’s keep this clean, as it will keep you out of trouble.

Excessive Ranting/Game Bashing
If we feel that there are people here who have the intention purely to harass the fans or the developers of a game, make it their duty to discourage players from trying a game, or simply making negative comments on a game and its fans at every opportunity, then action will be taken against them. Posters are free to discuss a game, but if we feel somebody is taking their comments "Too Far", then we hold the right to remove their posts.

Spam/Bumping Old Threads
If you are going to post something, please make it worthwhile. We will not tolerate threads that we feel are total nonsense/useless threads or posts. Therefore, be aware that if you are posting senseless, vacuous, or empty messages on a forum, or in an existing thread, and we feel it is ruining an existing thread, hampering legitimate users or simply "cause a stir" your posts may be deleted.
Going around and purposefully bumping a bunch of old threads in a way we may find abusive, is not allowed.

Impersonating Other Users/Socking/Accessing Another User's Account
You may not impersonate another board member or create an account specifically for the purpose of provoking other users. 'Socking' means creating multiple accounts - in order to escape identity, create support for your own ideas, cause confusion, or for any reason other than those specifically authorised by the Wulverheim Team. There is generally no need to have more than one account. Those with multiple accounts may find those accounts deleted or in extreme cases can result in a forum ban. Accessing or using someone else's account or attempting to access another poster's account is strictly prohibited.

Please be aware that ALL of the forum rules apply equally to Signatures. Signatures that we feel are overly intrusive (colours, size, etc) may require modification.

Please respect other people on our forum by not putting "spoiler" type information in subject lines. If you are posting spoiler type information, please be considerate and put *SPOILER* in the title.

Do not Hi-Jack Official Threads
Wulverheim and its staff reserves the right to make Official Threads on our forums. These threads are directly related to the Game or Forums and may be cross-posted on various forums by our officials. Posters hi-jacking these threads with flames or trying to drive them off topic could see their posts deleted.

Warnings and Bans
We prefer to warn people, but if they keep ignoring our warnings, then we may resort to bans. Ban Lengths are determined by severity and warn/ban history so if somebody posted porn for example, and has a history of breaking rules, they will be banned longer than somebody who did it as a first time offence. If we are constantly warning and banning somebody for profanity, they may find themselves getting progressively longer bans. Ultimately, we do reserve the right to Permanently ban people on our forums, but this is held for what we view as long term repeat offenders who just never quit breaking the rules.

Politics and/or Religion.
Politics and Religion are probably 2 of the worst topics random people can start getting involved in.  They often get out of hand in any forum and cause people to get very angry and upset.

As a result, I have decided to ban political and religious discussions from these forums. There is no reason I can think of that would suggest they would bring anything positive to Wulverheim anyway.  There are a number of political and religious forums on the web that you can have these discussions on. Any topic or post that contains political or religious content will be removed without warning or explanation.

Wulverheim has no prejudice against any religion or political body, but discussion of these topics should be done in the proper place, not here.

Exceptions, Cases of Abuse & Unique Situations
We realize that sometimes there may be reasons to make exceptions to some of the rules above and the Wulverheim Forum Management reserves the right to be able to make exceptions to rules if we think it is for the betterment of a particular Community. As well, abusive or unique situations will always come up, and we hold the right to deal with these situations, as we see fit, regardless of whether we have a rule for it or not. Please do not think that because something is not stated in the rules, that this gives you a ticket to think up or create new ways to abuse our forums or its posters. Such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Forum Avatars
You may have a forum avatar linked from an off site location. As a courtesy to your fellow Internet users we ask that it have a file size no more than 64Kb (64000 bytes) and have a resolution no greater than 150x150 pixels.

You must not include avatars that violate any of the rules above, but especially the profane/sexual/trolling points. Please do not hotlink from another owners website which isn't yours as it takes their bandwidth and they might change your image without your knowledge. Try http://imageshack.us/ if you need hosting.

Please enjoy your time in The Wulverheim forums.


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