Archive for Wulverheim This forum is for announcements and discussion for Wulverheim, a Neverwinter Nights 2 module.

Bugs, Mistakes and Troubleshooting.
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Gallimere House Causes Crash
Frost Giant Reward
bandit ring bug, Thief guild "fence" missing
Only one player receives damage XP
Paladin Problems
Help with Firestone cave quest
Multiplayer transition issue
House in Gallimere Issue in Multiplayer
many snotvliks
Help With Conflict With Mod
Missing text
Swapping npcs to do the talking
2D Missing Texture
Cannot load save (Solved)
Feather of Peace
world wont spawn
Scripting Bugs (?)
Hunchback Cave
HELP! Can't open chests because of traps
Traps not working right
Chasing rabbits quest
Bank issue
Level scaling
NPC Combatants
Magic item issues
Trap diffiiculties too high /detected traps can't be set off
Inn issues
Any way to adjust the day/night duration times?
Vendor item issues
Uninstall instructions?
Party Character / cohort issues
Manually Patching NWN2
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